Careers Launched: 1535

Funds Raised: $4,535,657


$125 Provides 1 Day of Training for One Student

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President Clinton Highlights IT-Ready at Clinton Global Initiative

Selecting from 79 organizations, President Bill Clinton highlighted IT-Ready in his closing address at the Clinton Global Initiative in June 2015.

Read our press release on the launch of the IT-Ready Network or check out our blog about the power for change at the event.

For Employers

Top employers around the country have joined with the IT-Ready Network to hire our graduates.

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For Supporters

Our supporters provide crucial funding that makes it possible for hard-working people with an aptitude for IT to be trained for a successful career. 

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For Nonprofits

Our nonprofit partners serve as program implementers that extend the IT-Ready Network across the U.S.

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About Us

Founded in 1998 by CompTIA, Creating IT Futures provides educational, training, and certification opportunities in the Information Technology (IT) field to those who are lacking opportunity and need an upwardly mobile career. We particularly encourage an IT path for populations that traditionally have been under-represented in the information technology workforce, such as women and ethnic minorities.

Creating IT Futures is registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the IRS.

Creating IT Futures and its inaugural partner, Per Scholas, developed a free education, training and career placement program called IT-Ready which gives people the knowledge and skills they need for a successful IT career, then connects them to an on-the-job experience opportunity. IT-Ready not only focuses on the "hard" technical skills, but on the "soft" professional skills as well that employers look for in a worker.